TV Warranty Repairs

warranty repairs
It’s not easy trying to deal with a broken television, one of the most used appliances in the home. When your television set has stopped working, whether it’s LED, plasma or projection TV, you might be pondering whether to have it fixed or replaced altogether. And if you do decide to get it repaired, who should you go with?

Look no further; our technicians are experienced in television repairs and can get your TV up and running again so you won’t miss out on your favourite shows. We specialise in the repair of all kinds of television sets: Plasma, DLP, and regular large flat screens, to name a few. Our fast and reliable service is guaranteed so you won’t have to worry about purchasing a new television set anytime soon.

If you’re still shopping around for quotes, feel free to call us at anytime and we can provide you with a free in-home estimate. With just the make and model of your television set, and we can provide you with the details of our costs.

Devices Covered

Kurri TV Services is the authorised warranty repairer for all Samsung and LG TVs. We can repair any Samsung or LG television that is still under warranty, and all other brands of television, even if their warranty has expired.

Let Our TV Repairs Come to You

There’s no need to worry about hauling your television set down to our offices. Once you’ve made a call, and you’re eager to have us repair your broken set, then we’ll make the trip to you for in-home repairs. We diagnose the problem right then and there, and provide you with the repair options that are available for your particular problem. That way, you can trust that our services are dedicated to providing you with satisfaction. After all, you should know what kinds of repairs you’re paying for.

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